Power cable for Pass x150, x150.5 or INT-150

Any particular recommendations and if so why?
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depends of your budget....
OK, here are price points- $250, $500, $750
Used Kimber PK10, used Purist Audio Aureous.
With X250.5 I prefer Tekline Reference, also X250 sounded great with Audience PowerChord.
I liked the Fusion Audio Enchanter with the X150.5, which I bought used. The price for a new cord is quite high and above your budget, but you may be able to find one used. Another good cord closer to your lowest price point is the Audio Arts Classic, which is very good for the money. In the past, I would have also recommended Mojo Audio Enigma power cords, but prices have gone up in recent years and they seem to work better for me on source components than on amps.
Purist would be great!!

I have had the pleasure of listening to a Silent Source PC for Pass gear. It is an outstanding cord, made by hand in Dallas Texas. Give it a try. Www.silentsourcecables.com

Keep us posted.
Went with Cullen cable Crossover series. Very pleased!
Ditto on the Cullen Crossovers, outstanding !
Transparent PLMM2 or MIT Oracle AC2 have been my all time favorite.
I owned the MIT AC2, but they are inferior compared to the Purist Audio Limited Edition. Like the Transparent don't even come close to the Limited Edition. Maybe the Limited is more expensive. But it brings you to a much higher level. As you know audio is all about the best sound possible!