Power cable for Pass Labs 250.5


I am looking for a power cable that will bring out the potential of my Pass Labs X250.5. Because of budget ... I am looking for used - maximum around $1000. Please advise.... Thanks
I would recommend trying an Elrod Signature EPS-3 for your amp.
They're the best I have found for that application.
You can pick one up used here on AGon for around $500-$600.
Good luck.
Tekline Reference
I'm using a HiDiamond 3 Power cord with my Pass Labs equipment and it falls within your price range new.
Also consider Audience Powerchord "e" version. This really made my XA30.5 shine. Nothing else really made a difference.
I have use 2 cable ,is Cardas Golden ref and PS audio statement.
For the money wise i pick PS product .