Power cable for P600

What has anyone found to be a good power cable to feed a PS Audio Powerplant P600? Do power cables make much of a difference feeding a P600? I don't want to spend much if I don't have to.

I have the PS 300, the costum power cord model 11
is below $300 sometimes I get them less than $200
look at them here AT AG. Sometimes usecable have
use, but music direct 99% had them, They give
a black background, with energy,this cable I think
are really made for big amps, Its worth a try.IMO
Even though the power plant isolates very well you still need good power cords. My favs are TG Audio SLVR and Pure Note Sigma.
Acoustic Zen Tsunamic MK-1 does a very nice job. BLACK background. Bargain, too. Works for me!
The PS Audio Labs and Statements work well with the power plants. Happy Listening!
I have a P300 and a P600 and have tried different PC and they sound different. Now I used the two dedicated lines from the fuse box and terminated them with Mirinco IEC plugs to connect to the powerplants directly. So far this is the best and the difference is so great that you will never want to go back. The reason: less one PC and one connection.