Power cable for NAD M2?

I am now using the Cardas Golden Reference PC to feed NAD M2. It seems the GR ruin the cleaness of M2.

Need suggestion for the PC for M2.
PC's are a difficult bunch. They never seem to do the same thing in different systems.
The only thing you can do is start buying used here on AGon and when you find one that works, keep it.
People can suggest all types of PC's, but until it's in your system, you cannot tell if it's going to work or not.
did the original pc that came with the M2 'ruin the cleaness' of the amp???
No. The original PC keep the cleaness very well. I just want to change for the better PC to increase the dynamic and soundstage.
Curious to know if you ever found good PC match for M2? I'm thinking of getting an M2