Power cable for Modwright

I am considering for power cables for the Modwright KWA150 and the LS100. Can you please share your experience regarding what cables gave a noticeable improvement in performance over stock with these amps.

I'm using a KWA150 and LS36.5 and played around with power cables for quite a while before choosing Empirical Design. I've got several posts here describing in detail some of the cables I tried in the process including Audience, JPS Labs, Bolder and Dynamic Design. For me the Empirical Design cables offered the best value for money and Karl provides excellent support and service. I'm using his ED-416 on the KWA150 and a new cable, the ED316 on the LS36.5. They offer outstanding performance yet are sanely priced. One thing I did discover in my "cable wars" was that the sonic differences between power cables are far, far less that the price differentials would suggest. The ED cables offer sound that is on par with cables costing many times more so I did not feel the need to spend outrageously on cables and could invest the money elsewhere in my system where it would have a more salutary effect.
You might also check with Dan (or your dealer) since they would probably have lots of experience with different cables and how they work with your electronics.