Power cable for McCormack DNA-1

What would be the MINIMUM gauge power cable for the DNA-1? Anyone know what gauge cable it was originally shipped with?
I'm mainly interested in the gauge, but recommendations on low buck cables would also be welcome.
Mine came with 14 awg cables, but gauge isn't the be-all end-all spec for PCs. The type of wire used and how it's twisted has more bearing on the end result than gauge alone. However, if you're making your own cable, I'd say 10 awg should be the minimum for an amp like the DNA-1.
Thanks for the reply.
I just bought the amp from a member and he sent an 18 gauge cable. I didn't think it was anywhere near adequate.
14awg was the original. If you want a nice power cord for it, Audience powerChord always worked good on my McCormack amps(DNA-0.5Deluxe, DNA-125 and 225).
I remember rounding-up a bunch of "standard" 14awg power cords and listening to them, and picking the one I felt gave the best overall performance. I can't recall the specific brand - that little factoid is lost in the mists of time ;-)

Mingles is certainly correct - gauge is only one of the many factors that affect power cord performance. Try to get a few different samples to evaluate and see what you think. There are a lot to choose from these days (!) in all price ranges, but many of the good ones aren't too expensive.

Have fun!

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I tried out quite a few different cables with my DNA .5 and wrote a comparison review on another site. I can;t post a link here to that site because any time I try to do that my post never makes it to the forum. But the members at that other "circular" forum found it interesting. Look in the critic - cable reviews.

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Thanks for all the replies.
The guy who sold me the amp is sending a proper cable to get me up and running. I haven't even tried that 18awg piece of string he sent with the amp, it would probably melt.