Power cable for LFD amp

Anyone experiment with power cords for LFD integrateds. What are you using and what benefits are you experiencing?
I found the stock power cord best with my LFD.
I agree with Notec, the stock power cord was the best on my LFD also.
+1 on usimng OEM (i.e. LFD) stock power cords

LFD, NAIM and REGA all have top-shelf power chords that are essentially "tuned" for their gear. This was told to me by a local dealer that sells all three lines.

Personally, I experimented with various top-end (and expensive) Third party power cords. I swapped in top-end gold-plated FURUTECH, OYAIDE and others; and I still went back to REGA's own power cord that was included with their OSIRIS intefrated and ISIS cdp