Power Cable for Furman IT-REFERENCE 20i

I recently purchased a Furman IT Ref 20i for my system.

Now I need to match it with a good power cable.

Any suggestions.

Sadly I have BROKEN the bank buying the Furman so my budget will be somewhat limited for the cable. I plan to baby step my way up to something better

thanks for your suggestions and education
I own a Furman Ref20i too. The Furman Ref20i uses a 20amp IEC. I would say leave the stock cord on it. Use better cords after the Furman to your stuff.
None of the cheap/good cords have a 20amp IEC. So you are stuck.
I also have 2 furman IT ref20i--power cords on the furman can make a significant improvement in the system--I have worked up with 4 diff pwr cords and have settled on tek line ref pwr cord --Scott prefers 20amp iec connectors and it is not a problem--definite improvement over the stock cord--you will have to make a decision as to when and where you place pwr cords in your system as well as the cost --so -- I agree with Eliz on that --just take your time and enjoy the trip to better audio--
really appreciate the wisdom and comments. I am getting the IT next week so will play with it a little and then move on to some cord options :-)

One dumb question. do most homes only have 15amp breakers?
Various breakers: 100 amp set for electric stove, 40 amp for air conditioner, ? whole house air110?, washer, dryer50?
Kitchen will have a 20 amp for frig, maybe another 20 for Microwave, rooms a couple of 15s