Power cable for Cary front end ?

Anyone have good experiences with power cable match up for Cary Pre (tube) and Cary cdp...?
use the fusion audio impulse or enchahter , made for high current amps , tube preamp . cdp, 1ve tried and A-B OVER 100
On my Cary 303/100 the TelWire pc is there to stay!
I have no desire to upgrade or audition other pc's.
Sonically a perfect fit.
Good luck on your search!
Thanks very much. I swapped out a PS audio mini lab for a Statement (on my pre): more bass, less detail. Kinda bummed.
Try a different brand other than PS Audio. What is your budget? I use a VH Audio AirSine on my CDP with really good results.
I used a Black Sand Cable Violet with a Cary 89L with good results and the price was only $329.
Budget is pretty flexible. I'd prefer to buy used, just way more leverage our of one's dollar that way and you can't beat the prices in this bear market.

I'm running Nordost Heimdall cables for ICs and Speaks.

The TelWire has some great reviews....
You will get alot of recommendations here. My suggestion is search the archives and on Audio Asylum. Then decide on how much you want to spend? Goodluck because there are lots of good choices like Shunyata Taipan Helix VX, Python VX, AirSine, etc... Goodluck :)
Thanks, man.
Have any of you guys a/b these cords with the more "mainstream" brands like Nordost, PS, Audience...??
I had an Audience. It is a nice cord but there was something sterile about it in my system. Its not bad at all but just not the sound I wanted. I tried it on my CDP and amp. I liked the Shunyatas better.
Audience is gear specific.