Power cable for Audio Research DSi200

I was wondering if anyone had any experience good or bad with certain power cords for the ARC DSi200? Because it is a Class D amp, my thought was that might be particular in what you connect it to.

I have not tried the standard cable that comes with the box but I compared a basic black power cord (9,95 USD) with a Transparent Plus (200 USD) and the differece was imediate. It made the sound more controlled, a little bit darker and simply more enjoyable.

I have found the CH Acoustic X20 to be the best power cord with my Spectron Musician III Mk2.

The CH Acoustic X15 is also called the Running Springs Crown Jewel HZ, in case you haven't formally heard of CH Acoustic yet.

There is a RMAF demo on Audiogon right now for half price: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?powrcabl&1324421132&/C-H-Acoustic-X20-power-cable-r

Craig Hampel (CH in CH Acoustic) very well might let you audition it before buying, just ask him.


Shunyata PCs work extremely well with ARC. May want to give them a try.

I'm using their Black Mamba CX line with my ARC gear.

Don't waste your money.
ARC uses very good power cables.
I'd suggest that you try some in your system.. http://thecableco.com/
Correction, ARC uses big cables, but there not that good.