Power cable for Arcam receiver?

Can you all recommend a power cable for an Arcam receiver? Please include the name of the brand and model.

(I'm currently using the Arcam AVR350).
Pangea, ALWAYS Pangea.

Honestly I have no clue, but Pangea is ALWAYS the most shilled cord here.

over the years, I had heard Analysis Plus, Audioquest & Nordost power cables on this Arcam receiver. The cables used were less than $500.
Shunyata Venom 3 power cord-recommended by TAS and Stereophile. I bought 3 recently and got a discount at musicdirect.com, only $125 each.
Thanks guys. I will look into these.
Personally, on a receiver, this Naim cord will be plenty good, IMO.

ecosse or chord