Power cable for ARC CDP

I’ve been using the stock PC on my ARC CDP and I’m looking for suggestions (especially from ARC owners) for an aftermarket power cable. I’ve been told that the stock cable is very good quality, but of course there’s something better out there.

The CD3 mk2 is a SS deck and very detailed so I need a cable that will keep the warm timbre of my system intact. Unfortunately, my preamp is single-ended so I can’t take advantage of ARC’s balanced output. But my preamp and amp mate nicely using Cardas Parsec IC’s and Pangea PCs, and l know the dynamics of the CDP can be improved.

The components are:
ARC CD3 mk 2
Rogue Perseus Magnum
Sunfire 300 amp
Blue Circle Thingee FX2 conditioner
Dedicated AC line
2 Furman power strips
2 Blue Circle filters to amp

Having reached my spending limit on upgrades, my budget is $200 or under. Any help is much appreciated.
I used the original Audience PowerChord with my CD3 mk2. They should be around your price now that they've been replaced with the e and se versions. The e upgrade is worthwhile, haven't heard to se. I use the PowerChord e with my ARC CD5.
There's a AUDIENCE PowerChord original for sale here, also a CARDAS CROSS PC in my price range.

Jl35... what did u like about the Audience with the CD3?

I should mention that I listen to classical almost exclusively and that means dealing with the sound of "massed strings."
The Powerchord is definitely a great value. I always thought that the ESP Essence offers great banf for buck, great for sources and can be found for around 200. The last one I would mention is VH Audio.....all good choices. Just need to see which one fits best....Enjoy the tunes!
Power cables should be thought of as tuning devices and, unfortunately, you need to try a few before you can really pick one that meshes with the rest of your system and gives you the sound that you want. Try and find a few local audiophiles who may be able to bring some over for you to check out.

That being said, some of the best performance for $ cords I have found are made by Triode Wire Labs. There's also a money back guarantee trial period if they don;t work for you.

Is the power cord on your cd a 20amp? I have a cardas golden 5ft but is is with 20 amp connecter. I'll have to check it, if its golden (brown color). Im at the office.
Fildor...The CDP is 15 amps.

To all...So far, I like what I'm reading about the Powerchord; very good reviews.
and if you don't like it, you can easily resell it for what you paid...

I have heard Audioquest, Straight Wire & Transparent power cords all w/ excellent resluts.
Thanks all. I went with the Audience Powerchord for the CDP.

And thanks to you, Jl35...Terrific 3D imaging plus CDs sound so smooth now, so much more like analogue. I plan on moving up the ARC CD chain eventually, but right now I'm looking to buy another Powerchord.
Since you are happy with Pangea in the past. Pangea just released a new line of power cords. So why not keep all your cables the same and try another Pangea?? Take a look at the Pangea AC-14SE (Signature Edition) from Audio Advisor for $60 (5)feet. Or even the AC-9SE which will be even warmer $175. The sound your looking for. I'm sure it will mate well with all your other Pangea PC's in your system and this new cord is especially made for CD Players and Pre-Amps. Plus they have a 30-day money back guarantee. No brainer to me in my opinion. :-)

Get the AS-9SE and try it in your system. Move it around from amp to pre-amp to source and also Power conditioner. Place the best Pangea PC's for that component. And have fun doing it.
I have considered that, Joey. I have a thread out there looking for info on the Pangea AC-14 XL.


As far as the new Audience, in my system it's in a different league than the Pangea, but it should be at $400.
That's why I'm interested in the new XL; if it has a new design, it may blow away the lower Pangea's.
Hi Lowrider57, That is exactly what I was thinking and was trying to say to you in my post above. BUT I mis-typed. I meant to type the Pangea AC-14XL and NOT the SE edition. The XL is 1.5M for $175 from the AudioAdvisor Website. I got it mixed up. The new XL from Pangea looks really good upgrade. I hope to try it soon as I've heard all the others.
Yes, Joey. The AC-14XL looks like a new design, but I'd like to see some reviews before I buy. The good thing about AA is the 30 day return policy.