Power cable for ARC CDP ?

I just realised that I’m still using the stock PC on my ARC CDP and I’m looking for suggestions (especially from ARC owners) for an aftermarket power cable. I’ve been told that the stock cable is very good quality, but of course there’s something better out there.

The CD3 is a SS deck and very detailed so I need a cable that will keep the warm timbre of my system intact. Unfortunately, my preamp is single-ended so I can’t take advantage of ARC’s balanced output. But my preamp and amp mate nicely using Cardas Parsec IC’s and Pangea PCs, and I know the dynamics of the CDP can be improved.

The components are:
ARC CD3 mk 2
Rogue Perseus Magnum
Sunfire 300 amp
Blue Circle Thingee FX2 conditioner
Dedicated AC line
2 Furman power strips
2 Blue Circle filters to amp

Having reached my spending limit on upgrades, my budget is $200 or under. Any help is much appreciated.