Power Cable for APC Power Conditioner

I've ordered the APC AV 1.5 kVA H Type Power Conditioner and wish to lose it's stock cord in favor of a different flavor. Speaking of flavors, I've been using the VH-Audio Flavor 4 with the Furutech FI-11 plug in gold and the Furutech FI-11 silver which works quite well on my Power pack V muli-outlet line filter.

Looking to play around a little more with power cords I'm entertaining the Oyaide plugs and perhaps either the Neotech NEP-3001 or teh Oyaide Tunami. Also wondering if the Acrolink is worth all that $$$?

This PC is slated for the Power conditioner BUT I would be curious to try on my Nuforce SEV2's (well one of them anyway). An AC cable with high current capability would be essential. My circuit is a dedicated 12awg line ending at a Furutech outlet.

Thanks for your help!
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