Power Cable for a Single - Ended Amp

I have an Audio Electronics (Cary) SE-1 Signature and want to know of any comments on replacement power cords. Anyone have this amp or a similiar one if so, what power cord are you using and why did you choose it? Thanks !
I have a pr of Blue Circle BC2's; a hybrid SET design. I have tried various pc's,Blue Circle BC64,Wireworld Aurora, Nordost Eldorado,PS Black Mamba, Electraglide's highline amp pc(forget which model); the Electraglide was the best by far, but 2-4 times the price of others. For me it came down to the Eldorado and Wireworlds. The Eldorado was very neutral, great soundstage width, shortened depth. The Aurora had a huge soundstage in all aspects. Esp hieght and depth. The dynamics of the Aurora was the best of the lot. Considering I have Nordost cabling throughout (SPM and BH), with the Eldorado added,it made the system a bit to "neutral". The Aurora's are one of the great discoveries I have made in audio.
Dill- I'm running a pair of the Cary 805c. The FIM Gold power cord bettered all of the others that I owned or auditioned including EGlide Fat Boy, Shunyata Cobra, Coincident,just to name a couple. The FIM is very stiff, but was obviously the best. FIM does have a Silver series that is a bit more cost effective that is also extremely good. Just MHO.
I am running a pair of Cary SE 2A3 monoblocks. Try the Whale Elite. You will be surprised by the improvement vs lower cost of some of the $1000 and up power cords out there.
Hi Dill, some good suggestions above. If price is not a concern, I would go with the FIM PC. An Audiogon member (Pops) sent me an Eel PC to audition. I thought the Eel was a better sounding PC than the Fatboy, PS Lab Cable, Black Mamba and a few others that I compared it to. Lak mentioned the Whale Elite which I believe is the big brother to the Eel. Good luck in your hunt. Thanks Pops for your generousity.
I've had a Cary 300 sei and Fi 2A3 monos that I plugged many different cords into, Shunyata, Electraglide, etc, and found the Synergistic Research Designers Ref Squared to sound best, great low end and lots of oomph. They were by far the best I heard at the time, though costly. Then I tried FIM gold and they replaced all my PC's. Stiff, yes, but manageable, and they sound better than anything I've heard to date. A friend has the FIM Silver series, and they are also incredible, and less costly. Worth an audition if you get the opportunity.
Interesting responses from contributors; I am new to this post, but I, too have single ended amps(Cary 300se/lx20's), which are great, and am looking for power cords that are a good synergy. I currently have harmonic techs, an am looking to upgrade. Will be auditioning Gutwire Power Clef and Acoustic Zen. Hopefully, FIM as well. Any other ideas? Will keep you posted on my experiences. Keep up the good feedback!