Power cable for a powered sub

Has anyone use a dedicated power cable for a Hsu VTF-2 subwoofer? If so, which one worked best for you for under $100? Thanks
I like the "Silver Big One" from Aural Thrills. 10AWG, very good energy transfer, and usually goes on auction on AgoN for $140 - 160.

Your hundred dollar budget will get you a 12 AWG cord, but if you want to do your sub justice, go for 10 AWG.
Good grief, a 10AWG power cord for a subwoofer whose power amp won't pull more than 4 amps (480watts) at peak and the subwoofer connection to the power amp is probably a 16AWG at best and its current is probably close to 8 amps at peak! I guess the length of the respective connections explains this inconsistency. A 16AWG power cord is perfectly capable of carrying 4 amps - more just 'feels' better, I guess, but on a subwoofer!?
Bob P.
Actually Bob, my Dominus sounded best on the subwoofer, but I couldn't afford that amount of "better".

I know the numbers don't suggest a 10AWG should be required, but neither do the numbers suggest a 10AWG cord should sound best with a DAC, but they do
Thanks for the response.