Power cable for a Media player/preamp

Hi I have the Bladelius Embla DAC/Streamer/Analog Pre single unit, and I am looking for a power cable into it

MY system is
YG Carmel speakers
Modwright KWA150SE
Snake River Signature Speaker Cables
Jorma Origo Interconnect.

I am after something that is not hard or metallic or bright. Ideally it has good midrange body (i.e. rich sounding), open and airy, sweet sparkly highs, natural tone, smooth sounding, tight bass and is clear, plus I don't want something that weights more than the component!

I have a stock cord in there at the moment, just want something with more midrange body than stock, although that may not be hard to find.

have been considering Crystal Reference, Siltech Ruby Hill 2, Snake River Cottonmouth, Purist Aquila Digital

Add the JPS Labs's Digital AC-X to your list. Cable Co has them to lend out.

if you are enjoying the sound of the SRA and Jorma cables/cords that are already in your rig, I would keep all cables/cords consistent.

Otherwise, contact either cable company or the manufacturer of the Bladelius to discuss options. Cable matching is very important to get the proper synergy and best response from your gear. Keep us posted and happy listening!