Power cable for 5 watt SET amp?

After-market power cables seem to be designed for pre-amps/digital products, or thicker cords for power amps. What works best for low wattage tube amps?
Check out the Triode Wire Labs power cords. Specifically the 7 or 10 Plus. The maker/designer of these cords is really into tube gear. That and they have been praised heavily by tube enthusiasts.
I use(d) the MAC HC on my previous Sophia baby and current Sophia EL-34. I'd gone through Shunyata (venom), Soundstring, PS Audio and a xStream Power Master.
My system's amp is the Art Audio PX-25 6 watt SET. I found the Synergistic Research Hologram A to be an outstanding power cord.
When it comes to power products, you really need to try them in your own system. Results vary greatly and for different reasons. If you call The Cable Company, they'll send you a few to demo in your own system. I would recommend listening to Richard Grey and ESP, given your amps. Both are known to work very well with a lot of different components. I use them myself. I'm sure there are others that are good, as well, but these are the ones I have experience with.
Thanks for the suggestions, I will have to pick up 1 or 2 to experiment with. Might try Jedinite24's Triode wire lab cord...