Power Cable DIY - need advice


I have purhcased Oyaide 037 male and IEC connectors and need to purchase AC cable to finish my power cables.

Any recommendations on what AC cable to purchase?

I'll probably use these two AC cables on my Theta Enterprise mono amps.

Depends on your budget.
Chris VenHaus (VH Audio) seems to have a selection of the raw material. From the more modest to the very expensive.


I've been studying the VH website.

I don't want to spend much more than $100 per meter.
I that case, I recommend the Oyaide Tunami bulk wire for $84.99/meter.

Member Stringreen says the Acrolink bulk wire is superior, but I have not heard it. It costs $134.99/meter.

I own two Oyaide Tunami GPX power cords that use the Tunami wire. These cords have replaced Cardas Golden Reference power cords on my Pass Labs amplifiers, and I have ordered a third to try elsewhere in my system. I am impressed with the sound these cords create.
Thanks TVAD,

Anyone out there compared the Oyaide Tunami and the Acrolink?
Anyone compare either of those to the Flavor 4?
Furutech alpha 3 !! Very musical, balanced and open sounding cable. All copper and no shielding.
I like CryoMax III from Cryo-Parts. Some of my friends are using it too.
I have compared Tunami and Accrolink. Tunami is very quiet, but does not have the air, depth, delicacy, boldness, etc. as Accrolink. Accrolink is a higher category of performance. I use the 046 plugs on either end. The plugs make even more of a difference than does the cable itself..I had these ends on the best cable I could buy from an electrical supply house...then changed to Tunami, and then to Accrolink. Preparing the Accrolink was a bit dicey. You have to be careful when cutting the thick outer jacket, that you do don't cut into the carrying cable itself...just go slowly, and its done.
I like Belden 83803 cable for my DIY power cords. It's not too expensive, has teflon insulation, and sounds great to my ears. It is, however, very stiff, so care must be taken in routing it to your gear.
Mr bill - I would add that the Nanotec Golden Strada #302 has been an excellent choice for DIY power cords and is well within your budget.
I have never tried the acrolink, but I use the tunami on my power amp and pre. Be forewarned that this stuff is really hard to manipulate. If you need to snake a power cable through a rack or need it to lay in a specific manner this stuff will give you fits. I've got the low end oyaide iec and 15A cord cap and am pleased with its smooth sound on my pre and power amps but don't like it on source gear.
I have the Flavor 4 with Furutech Gold plug and silver IEC. Wonderful cable in my system. I purchased an Acrolink with the 004 Oyaide's. I couldn't decern a big difference in these 2 cables when connected to my Cary SLP-05 pre. I've heard that this Cary, having a seperate power supply chassis, is not so sentive to power cords. Upstream wall to conditioner hangs a flavor 4/Furutech cable anyway. I have a dedicated circuit with a Furutech outlet so I pay attention to AC and it seems to benefit imaging/staging immensly.

My desire now is to duplicate the Acrolink/Oyaide combo and attach to my Nuforce 9SEV2 mono's. I tried as well the Flavor 4/Furutech vs Acrolink/Oyaide 004 on my Transporter and again, was difficult for me to decern the difference's. In all honesty, I need to go back and retest after a recent substantial change in my system. I entered sonic bliss the other day and can't help my uncontrollable laughter on some reference cuts I've listened to for years. It's that good.

Having power conditioners may add too many variables in my setup to help directly with this question - just food for thought.

The Oyaide 004's have a nice reputation which I want to hear for myself. They are painful to buy at $120ea. When I procure the second Acrolink/Oyaide combo I'll report back. My Nuforces currently use the Flavor 4 Fututech combo. I would think it would be an interesting test considering the clean, transformerless nature of the Nuforces as to the difference in sounds with these 2 DIY cable types (although one could purchase the Acrolink/Oyaide combo online).
Has anyone tried the oyadide tunami gpx on a cd player?
Any good recommendation for a digital power cord for a denon 3930 ci cdp?
Check with Lee at Cryo Parts.
I am getting ready to assemble some cords using the supra cable sold in the classifieds. One is going to go on a Denon 3910.