Power Cable Choices for Pre, Power Amps

Hi All:

I need suggestions for iec power cables for my Parasound SS power amp and Sonic Frontiers Tubed Preamp.

This is my first foray into upgrading power cables, so I'd like to keep the cost down as much as possiblespending $125-$150 (max) used. I'm really trying to get an idea of how much difference an upgrade from stock means to me, in my system, so if you have suggestions for even cheaper cables that will let me hear a discernible difference, I'm glad to hear about them.

I'm not really looking to tweak the sound of my system one way or the other, although with my small Totem monitors, I'm always happy to find a bit more bass-- just looking for a neutral power cable that will let me hear a bit deeper into the music.

Also, if I have to upgrade one power cord first, should I choose the pre-amp or power amp?


I use both Signal Cable power cords and PS Audio XStream Preludes with great results. When I originally plugged a 3' Signal Cable into each of my monoblocks, I was shocked at the difference in sound over the stock cables! For $59, you can't go wrong with Signal Cable. I am using a Signal Cable Digital HC power cord for my CDP. (no preamp in the set-up right now, but I would recommend the digital HC version for yours)
No doubt, upgrade your source (cd player power cord) first.
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Michael Wolff
Thanks for the input michael, but my cdp power cord is hardwired.
Buy the Elrod non sig EPS-3 for you amp and thanl me later, I think there is one for $425 or so on Agon.

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Used Virtual Dynamics Power 3 for about $85 is an excellent power cable that provides a very quiet background and allows more midrange and bass to come through. I was so impressed I bought one for my Krell preamp and Levinson poweramp. It sounds very natural too. The only drawbacks are that it is stiff, heavy and a bit hard to work with.

Start with the preamp first.
Auaarons, I ended up following your suggestion and went with the power 3's for my power and preamp. I'm looking forward to getting them.

Thx for all the advice.

I use the AudioAsylum DIY "crump" cord on my Line 3. In fact I use them throughout my system and I've heard none better. But I also use a Sim Audio LF-A and Audioprism Power Foundation II.