Power Cable choices

I've been experimenting with different power cables to upgrade my stock cords. I demo'd a few from the cable co: Wireworld Siver Electra 7, LessLoss Original, and MIT Shotgun AC3. Out of these I liked the LessLoss best for my power amp, which is a class D amp. Since then, I picked up a nice set of older Voodoo power cables for my source equipment and power strip. I am using a Voodoo Mana on a Emotiva 6 port strip and Voodoo Silver Dragons on both CDP and DAC, both Emotiva's latest and greatest. I have a Voodoo Magneto for my Martin Logan Depth I subwoofer. Looking for a nice power cable for my Emotiva XPA-2 stereo amp. I have been considering the following:

1. AntiCables Level 2 performance power cord - 5ft for $230.
2. Voodoo Thunder power cord - 6ft for $525
3. LessLoss Original - 2m for $595

I am leaning towards the Voodoo simply because i'd have all my power cords from the same maker. I even use a digital coax ( SilverStream digital ) from Voodoo to connect my CDP to DAC. The speakers, Martin Logan Theos, are all connected with MIT Shotgun S3 interconnects (2 pairs) and bi-wire speaker cables. The only oddity is the USB cable that I intend to use on my MacBook Pro from Ridge Street Audio (Alethias 15ft run).

Any advice on choosing from the above 3 is greatly appreciated. This is my first post to the forums, so be easy on me :-).

I recently changed all my power cords to PS Audio cords. I had bought an earlier version cheaply and was impressed by it, so I decided to try changing all of them. I have been delighted with the result, very easy to hear. To my mind, more important than interconnects. So, I get staying with one brand, especially when you have some reason. I went the way I did because I've been following Paul McGowan's blog, and he makes sense to me. This was the last detail, after attending to vibrations, dedicated lines, and a Premiere Power Plant. By the way, I see used PPP's, a PS Audio product, on Audiogon. I would encourage you to try one, I liked the result so much, I bought two...one for stereo, one for theater. Buy what you like secure in the knowledge some folks will consider you savvy, and others will consider you nuts!
I agree with your "leaning" and keep the flavors similar. Mixing cords can make things more complicated to decipher as to what is contributing/subtracting to the music.
I had the top of the line Anticables pc here with very high hopes and it did not improve my system's sound connected to my integrated amp. I really wanted to like it too. Thankfully it came with a return policy. Have had the original Lessloss in an earlier system and eventually sold it. It seemed to roll the highs too much. Triode Wire Labs (TWL) cords are very good and I recommend you give them a try. They have a 30 day return policy to take away the risk of a bad purchase. The TWL cords are getting positive feedback as good for outfitting an entire system.
Thanks to those who have responded. I have both the AntiCables Level 2 and Voodoo Thunder on the way to me. Might have them tomorrow if USPS cooperates :-). The LessLoss had to go back to the CableCo, but I agree with Foster_9 about it rolling the highs a bit. Maybe that is what caused me to like it from what I can remember. The Logan electrostatics can become bright with certain cable combos. I stumbled upon AntiCables because the compared their cables favorably with the LessLoss. Maybe it is just a cosmetic resemblance, but will find out soon.

The Voodoo might win over just to keep the synergy consistent. It made sense when choosing speaker cables and interconnects all in the same family, maybe the same principle applies to power cords too.

Audience Power Chords. Expensive, but great cables. I was actually surprised at the improvement they made in focusing the bass. I'm a convert to the potential of power cords to audibly improve your sound. I used to think that it was complete BS. Now I don't. I think that each system has a synergistic relationship with all of the other components and wires, and what is perfect for me, might not be perfect in some other system. But I highly recommend the Power Chords. My system: Netgear server ->Naim NDX ->Marantz 8801 preamp (double duty as my HT preamp) -> Plinius SA 103 power amp -> Focal Diablo Utopia's