Power Cable Break In - Such a Change!

I installed a new AudioQuest Dragon Source power cord from my Lumin X1 to my Niagara 7000. The power cord from the wall to the Niagara 7000 is also a Dragon but the High Current version. I bought that cord used.

So, when I first started using the new power cord everything sounded great. However, after a couple of days I started hearing a strident sound. Especially in the upper mid/ treble region. The bass was also constricted. I started blaming the sound change on another piece of equipment that was installed concurrently.

Now, I was under the impression that the Dragon power cord with its DBS system required no break in. But I did inquire about it to AudioQuest who responded that it would still need about 150 hours to break in. It's been close to that now and sure enough yesterday I started hearing the glorious sound that I heard from day one with the power cord only perhaps better.

I must say the difference during break in and now is quite remarkable, I don't remember any other power cord going through this amount of dramatic change.



I don't know if bending a cable will affect its performance, but its probably not a good idea.


Hey Ozzy,


Just tagged you on another topic (JL Audio CR-1).


As far as the cable thing, yeah.. probably not ideal with a drastic bend that could weaken the metal, but man...  worrying about bending a cable a bit that's designed to be pliable is overkill...

At any rate, I wasn't intending to single you out.. I just go a bit nuts with all the miro-detail worrying that goes on in our hobby....


Stay in this hobby long enough and the tweaking will get a hold of you. I think its fun, but I am retired now and have more time to fiddle.


@ozzy - I think what I find most curious is your willingness to sell one power cord before having the opportunity to verify that the new one is indeed preferred.  I recognize that the power cords you're using represent a much more significant impact than anything that I own, but I still hang on to the old until I know that I've moved on.


You evidently have not read many of my posts.

I have tried soooo many power cords through the years, including many DIY versions. The Dragon for me is the pinnacle of power cords.