Power Cable Break In - Such a Change!

I installed a new AudioQuest Dragon Source power cord from my Lumin X1 to my Niagara 7000. The power cord from the wall to the Niagara 7000 is also a Dragon but the High Current version. I bought that cord used.

So, when I first started using the new power cord everything sounded great. However, after a couple of days I started hearing a strident sound. Especially in the upper mid/ treble region. The bass was also constricted. I started blaming the sound change on another piece of equipment that was installed concurrently.

Now, I was under the impression that the Dragon power cord with its DBS system required no break in. But I did inquire about it to AudioQuest who responded that it would still need about 150 hours to break in. It's been close to that now and sure enough yesterday I started hearing the glorious sound that I heard from day one with the power cord only perhaps better.

I must say the difference during break in and now is quite remarkable, I don't remember any other power cord going through this amount of dramatic change.



Ozzy I didn't even realize you started the topic! Room treatment is also a good thing. Very difficult in my room. It's a log home with 6" thick logs. Its huge 30 X 26 X 26H, with an open loft. Head room is a must, hence the Mephisto. Seldom do I get out of medium bias. All this wood works well. The ceiling with exposed beams is 6" x1.5 thick. With 6" of foam sheets, furred out with plywood and shingles. I think that's why it sounds so good.  John

It is not only the crystal structure that is changing with current. The diode effect has influence on the directivity of the cord, the saturation of the diëlektricum acts as an capacitor on the time domain and varies after burn-in. And then there are easier measurable things like the EMIRFI contribution/blocking attributes of the cord (on the surrounding cords for example) next to L,C,R measurements.

I can get the point of abiding this is true, for say, a speaker cable. But what sorts of time domain (smearing?) is in a 60Hz power cable that makes it into the power amp?

This thread reads is like a group therapy session. And it is getting apparent that out crowd has not experienced the effect.


I’m not sure I or anyone else can say anything that will change your mind. That’s ok enjoy what you have!


Oh no, not that JA!



Wow, your home sounds great! My wife has always wanted a log cabin home. So, I bought a barn...but that’s another story.