Power Cable ~ $300 - Which to get? Nordost, Audioquest, Furutech, Shunyata, Zavfino?

I just upgraded to an Audioquest NRG-4 for my amp, which already has made a bit of a difference, however, I am getting a new Audioquest Power bar/conditioner, and wanna connect the entire thing to the wall (will be wired nicely later).

I was told to get the best cable I can get from the power strip to the wall... hence looking for a mid-range power cord, say between $300-400 and not too bulky with some flexiblity... what do you guys recommend? Audioquest Monsoon? Nordost Blue Haven? Furutech, Shunyata in that price range... or Zavfino which is the only one making OCC cable in that price range! Even if a bit higher it's ok, as there are always specials here or there.

Any ideas? Suggestions?
Mark Tunis makes very high quality cables for much less than those commercially available.  He often has something listed on Audiogon,
but can be found direct at 770 212 0865.  He has made me power cables, interconnects and speaker wires and I am very pleased.  It is worth a call...
You should really consider Luna Cables.  I did, and bought an entire top of their line set.  They make 5 grades:

Their entry levels are quite reasonable 
Hey, sorry if I combined my responses, I didn't mean the snake oil cable comment towards you at all.
What about if I bought a bulk cable (like Furutech, or Oyaide) and my own plugs and built my own? I think I can get an OFC, or even OCC cable and plugs under $300 and make one. Just curious if I can make the cable-plug connection as good as factory does?
apples to oranges maybe, but I have an AQ NRG-3 and Cardas Clear (used and pre-conditioned $250-$300), ended up liking the Cardas for amp to power conditioner (PS Audio UPC-200, now probs the weak link in the power chain) and the AQ feeding the power conditioner, which gave me a bit more smoothness and mid bass presence.  My DAC is fed by a Cardas Clear M,  I also upgraded the outlet, chose a mid price Furutech, that made a difference as well.  Was thinking about another Cardas cable until I read through the above, now there are too many choices!