Power Cable ~ $300 - Which to get? Nordost, Audioquest, Furutech, Shunyata, Zavfino?

I just upgraded to an Audioquest NRG-4 for my amp, which already has made a bit of a difference, however, I am getting a new Audioquest Power bar/conditioner, and wanna connect the entire thing to the wall (will be wired nicely later).

I was told to get the best cable I can get from the power strip to the wall... hence looking for a mid-range power cord, say between $300-400 and not too bulky with some flexiblity... what do you guys recommend? Audioquest Monsoon? Nordost Blue Haven? Furutech, Shunyata in that price range... or Zavfino which is the only one making OCC cable in that price range! Even if a bit higher it's ok, as there are always specials here or there.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

what is getting plugged into the 'bar'?


sources only?

amps only?

checking out wires is the 'due diligence' of this past time. it gets very tedius but this area will pay off with effort and paitience. personnally I'd look into the used PC arena first. you'll get more value and performance for your money.

my reasons for asking what is the application revolves around the 'kinds' of PCs.some are aimed squarely at deadening the noise, others at elevating other aspects of the bandwidth. not all PCs are the same and with EXP you'll find this out pretty quickly.

if I liked AQ and already had some in my rig, I'd probably look towards them initially. possibly even exchanging one already in use to the duty of supply, from where it is already in use perhaps.

lastly as the main supply PC keep in mind too, it will add its sonics to everything downstream of it.

Good luck.
Thanks guys, so, Amp, HT Receiver, Bluray, DAC, HDBox, Xbox, Streamer ALL go into the power bar, then go into the wall which is going to get a dedicated line with some Furutech AC plug.

What I want, GREAT connection to bring power to the bar, DARK background and ensuring enough current gets to my Amp. I could also connect Amp directly to the wall, but will test to see which works best.
One question on Nordost, WHY are they so much thinner than typical other Power cords? 
Triode Wire Labs get consistently high praise and you can have an in-home trial, which is always nice.  Here's a model near your price range and a review...


So here's a curveball.  I've always been intrigued by Mad Scientist cables as they employ some unique features that actually seem to do something positive. 


Cullen Cables are another high-value cable also not seen here as much and also get consistently positive reviews from owners. 


If it were me?  I'd take a flyer on the Mad Scientist, but I'm a bit mad myself.  Best of luck!