Power Cable ~ $300 - Which to get? Nordost, Audioquest, Furutech, Shunyata, Zavfino?

I just upgraded to an Audioquest NRG-4 for my amp, which already has made a bit of a difference, however, I am getting a new Audioquest Power bar/conditioner, and wanna connect the entire thing to the wall (will be wired nicely later).

I was told to get the best cable I can get from the power strip to the wall... hence looking for a mid-range power cord, say between $300-400 and not too bulky with some flexiblity... what do you guys recommend? Audioquest Monsoon? Nordost Blue Haven? Furutech, Shunyata in that price range... or Zavfino which is the only one making OCC cable in that price range! Even if a bit higher it's ok, as there are always specials here or there.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

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It's likely that a Ping cousin will be along shortly telling you about an expensive to buy (but cheap to make) SY industrial cable from his favourite audiophile company.  But moving along, I've found that DH Labs PowerPlus is good value for money.  You can buy it by the metre in some places and then use your own choice of connectors - if you understand how to connect power cables or have an electrician friend. 
alexb76 - yes, you can do that and shouldn't have any problems.  There is no soldering in power cords and the wires should be clamped in the sockets in the plugs.  It is not difficult to do this but you should check whether it is legal to change power plugs in your country and also that you know the wiring convention: e.g. the USA hot wire is reversed compared to some other countries. 
But orenstein it would be good to know what wire Luna use in their cables.  They say it is tin-plated copper but don't give much further description than that.  DH Labs have full disclosure on the power cables they produce.  I have no association with DH Labs - I just like companies that tell you what they are doing. 
Thanks orenstein for the extra info about Luna cables.  I have used some of the 1940s Western Electric wire in waxed silk/ cotton and it is very good.