Power cable

I’m going to start replacing my power cords. Any recommendations where to start? I’m on a budget so I’ll need to purchase one at a time. I just purchased a Transparent Premium Powerlink as a start. Thoughts on the most critical area to put it. Should it be placed powering my Levinson amp? Initially I thought either it could per the amp or preamp or dac etc. This when I started thinking and realized i have a Furman Elite 15 power conditioner. My Proceed AVP 2 preamp, Ayre Codex DAC and Bluesound Vault are all plugged into it. The only thing, it has an attached power cord. If that cord was replaced with a quality cord, does this eliminate purchasing separate higher end cords for each piece? Is there a way to do this?  Looking to be as economical as possible without sacrificing sound quality.
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Cullen cables he makes them by hand at great price points they are well made and make a difference and he can make them any length you want you should google him and read it might be what you are looking for
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Purist Audio Design AC cables are incredible. Check out the Musaeus AC cable. Amazing improvement and affordable. Happy listening. :-)
Since you are looking for a value cable, I'll suggest The Super Stroke @$129 for a 2 Meter length, nice connectors and in my system compares easily with other $200 to $800 cables, comes with a money back offer,  https://www.corepowertechnologies.com/home
Preference for power cords varies as much as opinions themselves. One thing that is forgotten in deciding a good one, is the ends of it. The connectors... Find yourself one with Furutech connectors that are inexpensive, such as Audio Art. Then compare them to anything else out there under a couple of grand. I did. Right now I own Shunyata Alpha series, Anti cables, and Audio Art w/ Furutech FI-28 Rhodium connectors. Shunyata is great, though a little pricey. The Audio Art at half the price is a killer. I read recently of an online power cord manufacturer talking about how much Furutech has their act together and how good their stuff sounds.

Oh, and the Furman conditioner, junk it ( I did ) and get an Audioquest Niagara.  This thing is a miracle. Word of mouth is going to make it a star in the audiophile world. Don't believe me? Hide and watch.