Power cable

I’m going to start replacing my power cords. Any recommendations where to start? I’m on a budget so I’ll need to purchase one at a time. I just purchased a Transparent Premium Powerlink as a start. Thoughts on the most critical area to put it. Should it be placed powering my Levinson amp? Initially I thought either it could per the amp or preamp or dac etc. This when I started thinking and realized i have a Furman Elite 15 power conditioner. My Proceed AVP 2 preamp, Ayre Codex DAC and Bluesound Vault are all plugged into it. The only thing, it has an attached power cord. If that cord was replaced with a quality cord, does this eliminate purchasing separate higher end cords for each piece? Is there a way to do this?  Looking to be as economical as possible without sacrificing sound quality.
Thanks again guys. This panel is so informative. I'm going to play a bit, have some fun and see how it goes. My system has all Transparent cables, so I will probably start with their power cords. I'm a fan of TC as well.

Sfall, that's great to know about the Ayre piece, thanks. Anyone know what on the hell kind of cord is needed for the Bluesound Vault. It looks like a figure 8 looking at it or 2 round circles attached in the center. I think I'd like to change that at some point as well.
I’ve not seen the Bluesound products, however the power cord you are describing sounds like a C7 termination. Nordost carries a few for smaller power supplies. For example: a small DAC or LCD display. They are nice cables for these applications. I’ve seen the Blue Heaven and Purple Flare but am not sure how far up the Nordost ladder the C7 is utilized. Hope that answered your question.

If you do every want to try DIY, williewonka's recipe works extremely well and costs very little. The geometry is solid and you can go as expensive as you like with your choice of wires.. I've built three and am very pleased.