Power cable

I’m going to start replacing my power cords. Any recommendations where to start? I’m on a budget so I’ll need to purchase one at a time. I just purchased a Transparent Premium Powerlink as a start. Thoughts on the most critical area to put it. Should it be placed powering my Levinson amp? Initially I thought either it could per the amp or preamp or dac etc. This when I started thinking and realized i have a Furman Elite 15 power conditioner. My Proceed AVP 2 preamp, Ayre Codex DAC and Bluesound Vault are all plugged into it. The only thing, it has an attached power cord. If that cord was replaced with a quality cord, does this eliminate purchasing separate higher end cords for each piece? Is there a way to do this?  Looking to be as economical as possible without sacrificing sound quality.
Speaking of upgrading power cables, a dedicated AC line to the circuit box is very beneficial. Are you able to do this in your house or apartment?
Thank all you for your replies. They are all extremely helpful. Although I may not reply back individually, I'm reading them all and taking it in to account.
lowrider57, I have as dedicated circuit to my equipment, I built the room myself and ran that per separate. I'm only about 10' from the panel. I have ordered high grade receptacles that I'm going to be changing as well. I didn't realize I would go this route when I built the listening room in 2002.

" Sfall, just curious what your thoughts are to keep the stock cord on the Ayre and change the Bluesound rather then changing them both?"

With Ayre you don't really need one. They design they're components with line conditioning in mind, and do so using the stock cord. They recommend you don't use one. As for myself, I've never been able to get any of my Ayre components to sound better with an aftermarket cord. It always degrades SQ. The best I can do is with ESP Essence PC's. They sound exactly the same as the stock Ayre cords. Your money is better spent better elsewhere.

I saw your question on how to upgrade the PC on it. You would remove the old cable and install an iec connector on it. Then you can use whatever PC you want.

there are some very good info/suggestions from the panel.
You are wise to start w/ replacing power cord(s) (PC) first.
This is the 1st step and the proper way to elevate your system's performance.

I am a "cable" guy first and foremost. Cabling is most certainly the over-looked/forgotten component.  Very important to get it right.

For your gear w/ a stock PC and you wish to replace it, an IEC connector is required in doing so.  I am a big fan of Transparent Audio cables/cords.
I would place them on the amp and pre-amp.  Then, listen for several weeks minimum prior to any more additions.  Follow the advice on the Ayre piece. Also, consult other Furman owners prior to replacing that PC as well.

You are off to an excellent start! Have fun and enjoy the music.
Thanks again guys. This panel is so informative. I'm going to play a bit, have some fun and see how it goes. My system has all Transparent cables, so I will probably start with their power cords. I'm a fan of TC as well.

Sfall, that's great to know about the Ayre piece, thanks. Anyone know what on the hell kind of cord is needed for the Bluesound Vault. It looks like a figure 8 looking at it or 2 round circles attached in the center. I think I'd like to change that at some point as well.