power cable

i have put up a system with the playback design mps3 for source dartzeel cht8550 integrated with ascendo system f speakers and for cabling i have the audience au 24e one imp. component missing is the power cord for the source and amp pl fellow audiogoners help me to decide on the power
I would highly recommend Elrod PC's. They are neutral and added dynamics and extention to my system. Hope this helps.
Hi Jasbirnandra,

first of all my compliments for you great system!

About PCs for your source and amp, for my experience, I would suggest you Prana Wire Samadhi, whitout any doubt.

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After trying a whole bunch of cords, I always come back to Shunyata Anacondas of various generations, even the first generation which sometimes is best in certain applications. The CX is great on my power amp and my Hydra V-Ray, but the old VX is great on my CDP, and the original Alpha is best on my preamp.
I am really enjoying the Verastarr Grand Illusion power cord. One from the wall and one to the source from a Shunyata Hydra 6.
Maybe you already tried this but I would recommend another Audience AU24e.
Try the vh audio cables. Sound construction, and clears up the sound.