Power bookshelfs tyler acoustics, reference 3a

I just picked up a pair of Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitors and now am looking for how to power them.
Basically I'm looking for a short list of preamp/amp combos or integrateds. I'd prefer an integrated. The only thing that is a "must" is that the unit has to have a remote!
I prefer a "airy" sound so tubes would be preffered.
So far my short list includes:
Audio Research CA50 (remote?)
Conrad Johnson CAV50 (remote?)
Sim i5
Electrocompaniet ECI3
I started a thread a few weeks ago about power for Tyler Acoustic speakers. Search the archives. SS amps seem to be the norm.

take care and great buy!
I have Taylo Reference Monitors driven by a Creek 5350SE. Sounds great. I have a small room.
Good Luck.
I have it both ways as I have 2 pair of the Taylo ref monitors, 1 pair powered by a Cary SLI-80 signature integrated with Jensen caps and the other powered by Levinson 383 integrated(both front ends are Cary CD-308). Depends on the size of your room and what kind of music you enjoy. What front end component are you using and do you need a phone stage?

With all of the typical audiophile nitpicking behind me, In my medium to small room I have my Cary SLI-80 and this is where I do most of my serious listening (40wpc triode, 80wpc ultralinear) and it will drive the speakers WELL past my choke zone, but they are buttery smooth together which is why I bought a 2nd pair of Taylos for another room. Ty likes solid state and I will admit the bass is more commanding with the Levinson(although Levinson amps have a rep for this).

Hope this helps.

Another good intergrated amp is the NAD S300.
There is also the possibility that I will run directly from a cd player to an amplifier (CAL CL15) using the cdplayers volume control capabilities....any suggestion on if this is a good/bad move? and if good what amps would you recommend?

as far as pricing, I have 1300$ I've allocated to get either an integrated amp or regular amp...cd player will be the CAL CL15 which does have the volume outputs...soo...should I spend the 1300$ on an amp? or an integrated?