Power Bars or power filters??

I'm debating and in fact will be able to try it both ways soon but I am wondering peoples experiences in using power bars or power filters. I have a Hydra 6 on my main system and I like it and I have a Jungson conditioner on my Jungson system but I can't help but wonder how the systems might differ with just straight high end outlet in the wall to high end power bar no filters or anything but just high end outlets in the power bar.
Any opinions or advice?
I have had the opportunity to listen to several high-end systems (tube and SS) where the owner has at least two dedicated circuit breakers feeding their system. In this situation the systems sounded better being fed directly from the AC (high-end) outlets. In the case of not using dedicated outlets the filtering was an improvement.
Lak points out that something somewhere along the power path needs to be done to tame the AC nasties.
I find that the very top of the line Mapleshade power strip (which gives sonic benefits similar to many "conditioner" products) has subjectively enhanced the speed, clarity, and dynamic slam in two tube systems.
When I compared to directly plugging into the AC wall outlet, the effect of adding the power strip was as if I had shortened and cleaned up the power path.
So, you can't always assume the sonic outcome until your particular components are mated to a particular power strip.
When I read the review comments about differently designed power strips there is sometimes commenting about similar audible benefits, although I have not listened to many other brands.