Power Bars

I currently use a Museatex CDD transport
Mustatex Bitsteam DAC with latest mods
Simaudio intergrated.

I've spent a small fortune already on wiring, everything from moray james to harmonic tech interconnects, I was wondering what a good power bar would be?

As it stands right now I'm using a very cheap ($100) Acoustic Research power bar. I want one that allows me to plug in all my power cords, (all of which are after market) and doesn't dampen current or voltage flow to my electronics. Althought the AR power bar says to act as a "conditioner" I have a hard time believing it isn't sucking the life out of the Simaudio and other gear.

I've been looking at the Blue Circle MusicBars. They seem in tune with what I want to spend.

Perhaps somebody could lead me down the right path. I have 3 peices that need to be plugged in. The wall outlet is 6 feet away.
Will the Running Springs Haley fit within your budget at $1199.00? Not only will you get 6 outlets, you will have outstanding fuel for your equipment. It is non-coloring, non current limiting power conditioning as well as protection from spikes an brown outs.
Lush, do you require surge protection? If not, try a PS Audio Juice Bar. I would try to plug your integrated directly into the wall though.
I just went through this. Before settling on a Powervar, I talked to Gilbert @ Blue Circle about the Music Ring and, if I could have afforded it, the 1200 would've been near the top of my list. If the wattage/amps is high enough (12-18 amps), most amplifiers can be plugged into it. I also talked to the BPT folks and the 2.5 would be another good choice. Shunyata got mixed reviews. Good luck.
I guess I'm looking for something I can plug my electronic's into that doesn't limit the current to my amp, ideally it would act as a surge guard as well. I have no idea if a Power conditioner is needed. I have lingering doubts if it would improve the sound.
Well many people have different experiences with powerconditioning. I have a Juice Bar and that's going to be one of the best sounding for the least expense extension strips out there. With that said, even when fed by a good powercord (better than the one I'm currently using on my amps), I still preferred the sound straight to the wall. If an extension strip with no surge protection robs your system of dynamics, pretty much any non-current limiting power conditioners would do worst (not that there aren't other benefits to plugging the amps into a powerconditioner.

Is it not possible for you to plug the amp into the wall while having a good sounding surge bar for your other gear? The biggest problem for many is that plugging the amps into anything but directly into the wall outlet simply does not sound as good.
Hey guys, thanks for the headsup. I don't have the luxary of being able to plug my amp directly into the wall as it's a tight fit, there is a bookshelve in front of it, and IEC plug is too thick to fit behind there. So I'm going to be forced to plug everything into the power bar. So I guess I'm looking for something that won't limit power, allow for a built in surge, conditioning would be a bonus. I have had my eye on a Monster HTS2600 unit, but have no idea how they stack up to dedicated 2 channel demands. Most of the monster stuff seems geared towards HT use.
You might check this audioparts auction out:


He's been doing business on audiogon successfully for some time. I just bought this bar and works great with my Ayre components.
go to www.takefiveaudio.com go to diy page and build it with beldon wire huble 4 plex ..glenn will answer any questions for you it will be as good as anything you can buy and fun to