Power bar question

Can you give me some opinion about power cable and power strip placement/configuration?

First, from the wall to the power strip or the power strip to the component, where should the better power cable be placed? Conversely, where can the lesser quality cable be placed.

Second, I can use a Gutwire Stingray extension with 4 outlets that includes it good but basic power cable from the wall or how much better off would I be with an improved quality cable (I currently have a Kimber Palladian 10 and several Virutal Dynamic Nite II's) and a power strip such as the juice bar?

Of course the question is motivated by dollars versus degree of improvement as I would have to purchase an additional PC and Juice Bar (or equivalent)

Thanks so much.
If you already have these pricey PC's, why ask here? Hook them up and tell us...I just don't get it, maybe that's because I'd just get some Voltexes and forget about it.

I don't have enough PCs becasue I am going from an integrated amp to monoblocks and a preamp. I need the extension strip as I don't have enough outlets and the one I do have is on loan, so I'd still have to buy it.