Power amps with fans -- maintenance?

Do the fans of power amps ever need to be cleaned out?
I've owned an Adcom GFA 5800 for years and can see the
dust accumulated on the vanes of the air intake ports.
But the user manual doesn't say anything about maintenance
and it's not obvious how to take the amp apart if cleaning
the fan blades is ever necessary.


Always a good idea to use a small to brush while sucking with a vacuum cleaner crevice nozzle to suck up the dust on the fan blades and heatsinks, entry vent and exit vent.
Then not a bad idea to keep them nice and quite, put one or two drops of machine oil on the fan bearings


Cheers George
Frequent cleaning of the fan will promote a longer life. The fan blades become unbalanced when loaded with debris and will put undo stress on the bearings. On older equipment, you can replace the fans with better and lower noise fans for very little dollars. 
I keep silk scarves over the top of all my audio equipment when not using it. My amp has no fan, but I would imagine that any amp that does have one is blowing air OUT of the unit instead of drawing air into it. After all, the purpose is to get rid of heat. And I've never seen an amp that does not have screws that when removed will allow access to the inside of the chassis.