Power amps into surge protector/Conditioner or DIRECT to wall? Final verdict?

Just curious. I've heard for years not to plug amp into a surge protection evice. Does this apply to a preamp as well? Are the component fuses enough? Do affordable surge protection/conditioners exist that do not effect sound quality? 
Some of the mid line Furman studio units look nice. Plus you have the SurgeX/Brick devices that look like real winners. However, I'm not wanting any sound quality issues. BUT, I don't want my equipment destroyed as well. 

Thoughts please
I also read where devices like surgex, etc...slow down the current to give the protection circuit time to react to any abnormal activity, thus effecting sound quality.

This is all a mish mash to me.
I once plugged a power amp directly into the wall.  Did not sound good.  In fact, it made no sound at all.  The resulting hole(s) in the wall had a very low WAF.
there is really no point in plugging amps into surge protection powerstipes, etc since sonics are effected. Best bet is probably make sure equipment is well insured

I didn't mean to make such a blanket statement. A high quality power strip will not degrade or restrict the sonics of an amp. I believe some Furman models claim that an amps sonics will not be affected. But I have found that an amp into a passive conditioner does affect its sound in some manner.
Check out the Furman line of power stations. Try one that has a 30 day return policy.

Many power reconditioners such as PS Audio are built to accept an an amp since they are taking AC from the mains and generating a new clean signal for the components.

A unit like the Surgex has a lot of circuitry that prevents a clean signal from reaching the components. Compare that to a Furman. A Wiremold power strip has nothing internally to delay or colour the sound.