Power Amps for Totem Mani-2's.


I currently own a pair of Totem Mani-2's that I use
along with a Pass X150 power amp; I'm considering trying
out the Mark Levinson 383 and wonder if anyone else has
tried the same experiment.

The Mani-2's are rather hard to drive, so I'd be curious
if anyone has had experience with this setup, positive or

Hi I have the same speakers and problem as you have so I wrote to Totem and this is what they recommended for Totem Mani-2 signature:

The Simaudion w-5 or TOTEM AMBER would be a very nice combination to the Mani-2.
Although these are wonderful units we have found the best match to the Mani-2 to be :

AYRE v5 or v1
PLINIUS sa102 or sa 250
PASSLABS 150.5 or 250.5

The TOTEM AMBER is much better suited to the TOTEM FOREST and has some difficulties with very low impedance loads (such as the Mani-2)

Unfortunately we have not had the pleasure of hearing the Moon I-7 paired to the Mani-2

God luck