Power amps for King II speakers

Please share your thoughts on good power or integrated amplification ($10-$30k) for the King Sound King II loudspeakers.

I have a 14'x17'x9' listening room and sit about 8' from the speakers.

Orchestra and chamber music are the primary listening genre.

In the past, my system has been lean and too forward, so I would like a more life-like (but not too relaxed) sound that captures the dynamics, transients and tonality of live music.

Pass Labs XA60.5 or the XA100.5 would be my choice.
I'm using and liking the ATC SIA2-150 ($4300.00) with my set up. I went from Audio Note SET Tube gear to this SS amp and feel that I haven't missed a thing. I listen mostly to acoustic
jazz and love the tonal quality that the amp delivers.
Good luck,
I have run VAC, Pathos, Cambridge Audio, Coda, Moscode, Jeff Rowland class D with the King, as well as some others. Contact me if you wish to discuss.

Which amps to do you use now with your Kings?

Also, I have a 14'x17'x9' room. Any thoughts on if the King II speakers are too large?
Banpuku, I have been using the Pathos Classic One MkIII integrateds in Mono config., the VAC Phi 200 (two in Mono mode), and one other under review.

Your room is approximately the size of Kevin Hayes' room of VAC who runs the King. I would probably try it if my room was that size. But you might have to work with room treatments a lot.