Power amps: Bel Canto v.s. PS Audio Hybrid

I´m seeking your opinions on the pros and cons of two power amps, i.e. Bel Canto Design eVo 200.2 v.s. the recently released PS Audio Hybrid Class A. Both look promising on paper and fit my budget.
Does anyone have experience, opinion, expertise, advise or just plain, unsupported preference?
My other equipment include Rotel 991 CD player, Adcom GFP-750 pre amp and Leagcy Focus speakers.
Although I have never heard the PS Audio amp, I use two of the EvO 200.2's as monoblocks to drive a pair of Audio Physic Libras. The combination is fast and accurate and delivers terrific and articulate bass. The soundstaging is phenomenal. The Bel Cantos can play loud with no strain or loss of focus. The only downside is that they are a touch lean in the midrange.

I have used the Bel Cantos with Magnepan 1.6QRs and Jamo E380s with similar results.
Check out the PS audio website, they have a review by a guy that has the BelCanto and he prefers the sound of the HCA-2, PS audio's amp.
I was fortunate enough to be able to listen to a beta test unit of the PS Audio amp and hear it compared directly to the Bel Canto, and the PS unit was a FAR more musical amp, with better detail all around. Also, it was not "harmonically thin" sounding like the Bel Canto tends to be if not driven by a full bodied tube pre-amp. The PS amp is one heck of a nice sounding amp for the money, and even a lot more. If I had to stick with solid state for an amp choice, it would win hands down. You won't regret trying one out!
Thanks for your input.

It seems that the PS Audio amp is at least a beeter deal, if not simply a better amp when compared to the best in this priceclass.
The eVo 200.2 has been replaced by the eVo2 which is an improvement, at least in terms of power supply. Has anyone compared a production PS HCA-2 with a production eVo2 yet?
I think the changes to the eVo line should improve the sound, the changes were a bigger transformer. As well the eVo's are bridgable.

should be interesting to hear the 2 of them !
I have heard the PS audio amp in my system, but not the Bel Canto. All I can tell you is that the PS audio is very good, and very powerful, its efficient and smoooth. Very detailed and just a little bright. I know you can try it for 30 days risk free, don't know if Bel Canto has the same deal, probably not. I would say try the PS and keep it if you like it. I have heard the criticisms on these forums that the Bel Canto uses a cheapie chip (search here), and it appears that the PS audio uses a newer design, but I cannot substantiate this.
- good luck.
The new PS Audio started shipping the HCA-2 amp this month
and I noticed that suddenly the Evo 200.0 started to show up more and more on the used market. Does anybody know if this is the reason or just coincidence?
I noticed it too had the same thought.
Bel Canto just started shipping the eVo2 last month, so the appearance of 200.2 amps is as easily correlated with that event. IMHO, without statistics, I don't think there's any meaning in these observations.
I bought one of the early HCA-2 amps and am basically very happy with it. I'm still breaking-in other parts of the system, so I'm not 100% certain I've achieved best sound yet. But in that regard, buried in a thread on the PS Audio website is an offer to upgrade any of the early HCA-2 amps with either the letter C or D in the serial number. The mod is free and provides a little more air and space between the instruments. Minor, but noticeable, so why not get the upgrade, especially since PS Audio throws in a free Powerport for you trouble. The mod was apparently something that they discovered in response to the comments about the long break-in required by this amp to sound it's best. I found it improved continuously through at least 100 hours of use, and maybe more.

I also found it's extremely sensitive to the quality of the power cord. I replaced the stock cord with a Mini Lab Cable with good result, but when I heard my amp hooked-up to my friend's well broken in Lab Cable, I had to buy one. There is a noticeable improvement in the decay of notes and a richer, fuller sound, especially on piano. This from an amp that runs cool to the touch, go figure. The amp is priced so right, I'd advise anybody thinking of buying an HCA-2 to include a Lab Cable, or some other comparable killer power cord in the purchase price to enjoy the full capability of this amp. You're still out the door for about $2000 and laughing all the way home.