Power Amplifiers

Who still have Classic Amplifiers
that still in use.
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I should have mentioned I also have the Aragon24k
i’m using PS Audio power cables for both Amp and Pre amp
I meant to say I'm using the Aragon 28k not the 24k that I did have at one point. I do have a PS Audio power cable but not on the Pre amp or Amp.
The most “classic” amp I’m using in one of my systems is a Scott LK-150 (1961-64). It’s essentially stock (restored, but not modified), and performs as well, or better than any “modern” amp I’ve compared it to! Pretty amazing! I’m also using a Music Reference RM-10 from the mid 90s in another system. This amp is also amazingly good! I love ‘em both. 
I've got a mc250 & a HK twin powered receiver both about 50 years old and going strong and sounding great.
Is my BEL mk V old enough time be considered a classic?  That might scare me.  But it wouldn’t be the only thing that’s made me feel old, lately.