Power Amplifiers

Who still have Classic Amplifiers
that still in use.
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Luxman M 4000

Luxman M 2000  Both working great

I built a Hafler 500 from a kit in 1973-4.  Back then the kits were less than the built amps, and since Hafler was a Dynaco guy, he knew kits would sell.  Replaced the on-off switch in about 1975 when the factory had us update the original one.

Had it biased the other day.  Nothing has failed and it still runs like a champ.  Repair person was totally amazed as it measured like new.

Sometimes a person gets lucky, right?

I have two McIntosh MC30s, which were manufactured between 1954 and 1962. Came down from my father to my older brother to me. I had them refurbished and they sound great.
Mark Levinson 335 and a original   Aragon 8008

I recently pulled our my Harmon Kardon 730 twin powered receiver to use in office. I bought this  along with the Original large Advent speakers in 1978. I used it up until the late 90's. When I first turned it on and heard the full sound of this amp, I remembered why my wife & I had liked it so much. I was going to sell it but I may get it restored instead. Though a receiver, this thing can hang with separates & surpass some without a doubt.