power amplifier through a conditioner

I currently am using an audio research d-60 amplifier that I have experimented with a power conditioner that I own. The power conditioner is a powerpack 2. I should also mention now that I am using a pair of thiel 1.5. I do notice significant better results now that I have some better equipment to use the conditioner with. However I have a really hard time deciding what I like better with the power amp. I notice that when I unplug it from the conditioner and plug it directly into the wall a wider soundstage appears. I do notice in a drawback that there is not pinpoint accuracy of instruments when it is plugged into the wall.

Wondering if anyone else who uses a power conditioner does not use their amplifier with it?

Does anyone else have the same results as I do?
Power conditioners vary---as well as the quality of the power from your lines,does also.
As usual no easy answers here, only you can decide for yourself. Having said that I think you would find the consensus of knowledgable audiophiles is not to use a conditioner on power amps.
There was a time when I thought I preferred a conditoner in a previous system in which I had a low powered amp and only one dedicated circuit. Now that I have higher powered monoblocks and three dedicated lines I much prefer the amps directly out of the wall.
My experience with conditioning on amps is that none is too little, a power conditoner is too much, and a small amount is just right.
With no conditoning the sound is thin and the upper mids are a touch edgy. With too much the sound is opaque, dark, lacks dynamics and edge, sort of lifeless. With exactly the right amount the sound is nicely balanced.
The right amount will probably vary with your setup. For me it is simply Bybees in the amp running from the IEC to the power transformer on both hot and neutral along with good power cords. Caps on your ac receptacle are another good way to go.
In the end only listening will tell you which is best, IMHO.
Make sure your power conditioner is not current limiting!
Agree that is the tradeoff on using a power conditioner with an amp.
No conditioner and the sound is warmer.
With a conditioner the sound is thinner, but the detail improves.
Your choice... and I bet some conditioner out there has it all.. (but who has the time to try them all out!)
I have another suggestion that you might try, as you plug the amp directly into the wall:
This stuff really helped give body, roundness, and increased detail to the music. I don't have any affiliation with them, but the product worked very well for me.

I have yet to find a power conditioner that does not rob something from the music, or smooth over the high frequencies. Just my experience.
Good luck,
I blow my Powerwedge while connecting my Anthileon power amp - be carefull.

Yep. I think the Richard Gray's do a paralellallellagram thingy with the power stuff for non-limiting, ey?
I believe it like cleans the power as it passes by, rather than through, no? Anyone have experience here?
also, what's the experience with the AVS2000 from Monster from anyone here? .
I've used many conditioners, as well as the PS audio powerplants over the years. Results vary, depending