power amplifier suggestions with BelCanto Dac3

What components generally have good synergy with the Bel? I have not had it long, I'm quite fond of its looks and its size works for me. Curious to hear what you like, or have liked with it. I currently use Kef 104.2 and a few different digital sources. 
The natural pairings with the Bel Canto DAC3 are the Bel Canto power amps. If you're looking at a stereo amp instead of monoblocks, the REF150S or REF500S will work very well with the DAC3. The two amps be the same from a quality perspective, just differences in power. The REF150S will give you 60W per channel into 8 ohms and 120W into 4 ohms. The REF500S will give you 200W per channel into 8 ohms and 400W into 4 ohms.
I have a DAC 2.5 paired with a Ref500s....they are great together, but magic really happened when I added a Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamp... 
I appreciate the offers to consider. I should note I have a full shelf available and no need for a compact power amp. Not that I rule the siblings out. The current Bel has to share a bunk so it worked great for me that way. I have a Bryston 4B connected to get by. Not a match I'd want to live with long term.   
What don't you like about the Bryston and what sound reproduction characteristics are most important to you?  Great DAC by the way.  If there's any way to upgrade to the VBS do it.  The difference between stock and VB is not small. 
I like it fine just not for this application, I prefer something more musical and warmer without sacrificing detail. Smoking good amps though, I do have other uses for it when needed.   
I had a Bryston with my DAC 2.5 and found it to be too bright and "etched," as some might say; so, I popped in the Ref500s which fleshed out the harmonics and has a fuller mid-range presentation. I put a PS Audio AC-12 on the Ref500s and that gave me about as much low end as I was getting out of the Bryston, with none of the brightness up top.

The Ref500s does NOT have the soundstage or sophistication of the Pass X150.5 I once had, but it’s half the cost and a fraction of the size. I agree with the previous poster about an Ayre amp. 
Those have been my experiences with the Bryston 4B and 3B in several different setups. However I don't find that to be as true with the later and later models they tend to get progressively more musical and forgiving with each model step up. Their current SST3 amplifiers are pure delights, I would gladly grab one if budget was there. Which by the way maxes out at 1200.

I do like McCormack having previously owned a DNA 0.5 and a line drive pre amp. I would not hesitate on another for sound, It would also fit through the window.

I was admiring an Ayre from a distance, Im quite fond of the looks. I will keep my eyes and ears open.  

Do appreciate the light...      
I wired a deposit on a NAD S200 I located a new used one for a pretty good price. I was told it spent about 95% of its life in its box. I took a bit of a gamble here but have a good feeling about it.