Power Amping an Integrated Amp

Power Amping an Integrated Amp
Hi All,
I'm new to the forum and am looking for some input/advice.
I currently have an McIntosh MA6200 integrated amp, ADS L1230 speakers, and B&O 3404 and 5005 turntables.
The system has been amazing since I purchased in 1980 and have never felt the need for any changes. Most of you have forgotten more than I'll ever know about audio so I need suggestions. I am waiting for the 6200 to come back from a tune-up and started thinking about perhaps buying a McIntosh MC7270 and using the pre-amp section of the 6200 for the phono side. The 6200 is rated 100w into 8 ohms and the 7270 is 270w into 8 ohms. So, would I be gaining an appreciable sonic improvement with this set up? Might I just get a little better base response? I'm not interested in bi-amping even though the ADS is set up to do it with some extra crossover hardware. Has anyone done this that can chime in?

Wow...talk about blast from the past audio!  I owned a pair of L1230's and drove them with an MA6200.  That integrated is one GREAT piece of equipment.  I would definitely wait for it to come back from its tuneup and give it a listen.  I really don't think you will gain anything (or very little) by going to the newer 7270.  Those speakers aren't a real difficult load (6 ohm and 95 sensitivity if I recall) so I don't see the need for more power.  The 6200 is one piece I wish I never gave up.  It had the preamp that was identical to the legendary C33 pre and the power amps in that thing were no slouches either.  Just MHO, but since you have held on to these things for 30 plus years I'm pretty sure you know what you have there.
Gkr, thanks for your response. Nice to know you had the same set up. You're right that the ADS's have a high sensitivity. Doesn't happen often but I have flickered the Power Guard "reds" on the 6200 at times. It's that headroom waiting in the wings that I want to know is there. A master cut of Tchaikovsky's 1812 with the cannons blasting a hole through my listening room wall is epic. But, with a scotch or two on board and that volume dial within reach, there's a red glow in the room seen from down the street !!  All in all I'm content and am not trying to chase absolute perfection. I just thought the 270w going through the pre on the 6200 would give me a sum gain. The 7270 just sold anyways so I'll reassess when I get the amp back from tuneup. I auditioned all the speakers of prominence in 1980 when I bought this equipment. I kept coming back to the ADS's  for their overall listening pleasure. One thing that's changed and it's a shame, but you used to be able to peruse any number of audiophile stores and audition equipment and speakers by a/b comparison. They're few and far between, at least where I live. I'd like to experience other high end systems to appreciate what's out there old and new but it's tough. I'll keep learning from the pros on this forum. Thanks again.