Power Amp with Paradigm Studio 20 v5 Speakers

Which power Amplifier, 2 x 100W would sound good with
Paradigm Studio 20v5 Speakers. I also have Tube Preamp but
I wouldn't go with Tube Power Amplifier.
All opinions would be appreciated.
I run the bryston b100sst on my studio60v5's.Although it's an integrated at 100w and not basic power amp it has much of what the bigger ones have from what I read. I am very pleased with the match,no fatigue at very high volume.It clips out at 140w and is more than enough to bring my 60v5's to life at volume levels that I can barely handle. You would not be disappointed with bryston sst.
I always thought NAD was a good match for the Paradigm reference class speakers :)