Power amp to pair with McIntosh C-28?

Anyone have a suggestion of a good power amp to pair with a McIntosh C-28? I just picked up the C-28 at a great price and I'm excited to play around with it. I have a line on a Hafler XL-280 power amp, but I've found it hard to gather info on this power amp. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I'm driving a pair of Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand speakers and play mostly cds with a Rotel 1072 cd player and the occasional record on a Rega P1 table.

Any thoughts on the Hafler or suggestions of other power amps would be welcome.
Don't know much about the Hafler, but be carefukl with very old amplifiers. Capacitors can leak and fail over time. What's your budget?

FWIW, I am running my McIntosh C220 preamp into an Odyssey Audio Stratos HT3 (with cap upgrade) with excellent results.
mc275 amplifier
The C28 is a classic amp, be sure to have it serviced if you dont want to have lots of noise on it.
It could be a good match with the Mcintosh MC2300.