Power Amp to Match CJ Premier 17LS

I wish buy a 2nd hand Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS, not 17LS2 or 16LS as they are beyond my budget. The problem is the choice of the power amplifer as I don't want to match it with a CJ power amplifier, tube or solid state. Any recommendation from current or past user of LS17? My speaker is Spendor S6e and I mostly listen to vocal, light jazz and chamber music. Thanks.


Why do you not want to match it with a CJ amp?

I'm with Chuck, why?
I used Premier 11a with another CJ preamp years before. It seems a change might be nice. If that doesn't work, please recommend a CJ power amp. How about MV-60SE? Budget : about US$2-2.5K, either brand new or used is okay. Is tube beter than solid state in my system? Thanks.

I currently have a CJ Primier 17LS linked to a CJ MF2250 amp. The combo works very well, and is within your budget. A SS amp will handle the bass a bit better than a tube amp (tighter, more responsive). What is the sensitivity of your speakers..Higher dB, eaiser to drive.
I had the reverse situation. I bought c-j premier 12's, and the sound was so laid back, dark, and rich, that I was hesitant to match it with a c-j preamp. Mind you, this was just *my* situation, with *my* speakers, and might not apply to everyone else.

Anyway, I went with an ARC Ref 1, which has a leaner, brighter sound. This balanced the lushness of the c-j beautifully, and in fact allowed it to come through with great impact.

Therefore, if I were in your position, I might consider an ARC power amp, or even solid state--in short, something with a lighter, brighter tonal balance. For me, a c-j preamp mated with a c-j power amp--in *my* situation--would probably have been too much of a good thing.

As a matter of fact, my prior situation was perhaps even more similar to yours: I had a c-j PV-5 preamp mated with a solid state PS Audio 200c, and this worked beautifully for around 20 years.
I have owned the 17LS for a couple of years before upgrading
to the CJ CT5. My 17LS worked well with a BAT VK500 and
my current McCormack DNA 500. I agree with Czbbcl that you
should not write off anohter CJ amp. Take a look at a
CJ MF2500A (make sure its the "A" revision). I think you
might be surprised how well they work together. Also a McCormack DNA 225 might be another consideration.

Good luck

I do not know anything about your speakers efficency and sensitivety so giving any amp recommendations is difficult. If you like tubes and don't mind the maintenance then by all means go with the MV60SE. If that is not enough power then MF 2500A ss should be a good match. I was using an MF2500A with a premier 17lsI for a short time driving my Thiel 3.6's and it did a very good job. I also had a premier 11a but it just did not have the juice to make the Thiels sing but it did OK especially in the mid to highend detail. I am now using a premier 16lsII and a premier 350 with excellent results. Good Luck and hope I could help.

If you desire something other than CJ you could try McCormack.

hey Bublitchki, what speakers and front end did you have?
When I had a PV-5 preamp and a PS Audio 200c power amp, I had Magnepan MG-IIB's. This was an excellent combination. Later, I bought Martin-Logan CLSII's, and though the combination sounded fine, the amp would tend to run a little hot, no doubt due to its being called upon to produce a large amount of current to drive the M-L electrostats.

My current combo--the ARC Ref 1 preamp and c-j premier 12 monoblocks--not only sounds better (for the money, it should), but the c-j amps seem to have an easier time than the PS Audio in driving the Martin-Logans. As a matter of fact, they even run cooler! Go figure.

My front end back in the PV-5/PS Audio days was a Proceed PCD CD player and a Denon DP-60L turntable w/Denon 103D cart. My front end now is a Sony SCD-1 (SACD player and CD transport) and Musical Fidelity Tri-Vista 21 DAC; and a VPI Aries 2/JMW-10/Denon 103.
Thanks everybody for their valuable view and advice. It is an interesting question whether it is ideal to match a CJ pre amp with a CJ power amp, which apparently depends on personal taste, the system and the listening room. I will listen a CJ combo demo (LS17S2 with MV60SE, and LS17S2 with MV2500A, since LS17 is discontinued) at the local CJ dealer to see how it goes.