Power amp to complement a Levinson 32 preamp

Hi, after deciding to downgrade my system, the hifi hobby has come back to me stronger than ever. I recently upgraded my system getting a Levinson 32 preamp. I am looking to upgrade the power amp and I am doubting between tubes (perhaps audio research) and solid state, perhaps getting a Pass. I fully realize that a valve preamp combination and a solid state amplifier is the more common solution, but perhaps irrationally, I love the 32. The environment for the decision is the following:
- I listen at moderate levels (I live a flat)
- My space is limited, so monoblocks are out of the question
- Speakers are Piega P10, 89 db sensitivity.
Thanks for your suggestions
..not knowing what your budget is i can make a suggestion.i too have piega p-10s' and did have tenor 75wis for about a year.the 4 ohm load that the p-10s' present was not a great match for the tenors.last oct i traded them for a goldmund mimesis 29m amp.it is probably one of a handful of ss amps that can be considered possibly the best out there.goldmund isn't well know because they,for what ever reason,choose not to have their products reviewed much.the amp is absolutely superb.it is not inexpensive,at $19k,but is well worth it and is much superior,in my setting,to the tenor.my piegas' are unbelievable now.i heard the new c-10 ltds last year but for the forseeable future i am staying with the p-10s' because of what i am hearing now.i have heard halcros',krells,levinsons and lamms and the goldmund beats them all,imo.good luck
Thanks Calloway, very intyeresting suggestion. Would you mind expanding on your experience with the Piegas plus Levinson, krells and lamms? The Goldmund at $19k may be a bit out of the budget for me but I will try to find a sh one in Europe. My other thought was an AR VT100mk3 driving the Piegas...
The Densen BEAT-300 should do a good job. I think you can find it for a reasonable price in Europe.

McCormack DNA-125 or 225 are also good choices! I love the 225. It's neutral and has a transparency that kicks butt.
If you can, get a levinson amp (if you like the sound) I have a 38S pre and 334 amp and the synergy is to die for. Their strengths complement each other and do not get in the way! Other amps are fine but something is to be said for synergy! Plus the can be linked and both turned on/off together.
Whatever you decide about an amp, don't sell your preamp. I own one and had an Audio Research SP14 for 12 years before. This is a killer preamp and limits nothing. It is hard to believe that there is any tube preamp out there that is "better". It is a brilliant design, seems to have an incredible soundstage and certainly improved every aspect of my sound.
Keep it. I have just sold my Krell KMA 160, which worked fine, but I wanted tubes so bought a used Atma-sphere MA-2.