Power amp suggestions for Peachtree & Triangle

Looking for a power amp with a budget of < $1000 to give a bit more punch to my system. I have a Peachtree Decco 65 integrated driving a pair of Triangle Comete 30th Anniversary speakers that just isn't cutting it for me. Sounds fine listening at 9 to 10 o'clock where the Cometes really shine, but anything lower I find is flat and dull. Having to constantly adjust volume up to get that "wow" feeling indicates to me a lack of power.

I suspect there is heavy sound absorption at work in the room (shag-like carpeting and large sectional) so I'm not sure if this is the issue or the Peachtree is the weak link. The Triangle Cometes are highly efficient speakers with a max power handing of 80W and 8 ohm.

Have my eye on a PS Audio HCA-2 but would 150W be too much?
"Have my eye on a PS Audio HCA-2 but would 150W be too much?"

I suggest you listen to that amp before you buy it.
I had a Cary CAD 200 Driving a pair of Triangle Zaya and Antals...One word: INTENSE.

The mids were so clear and I could get them so loud, that I thought they'd blow a hole in the wall behind my listening position.

I'd be real careful with the speaker cable match here. Maybe go for some big, simple copper (Analysis Plus Oval 9).
The Cary CAD 200 looks like a nice amp. Here's a few others I'm considering:

Wyred 4 sound ST-250
Quad 909 or QSP
Bryston 3B ST
Lyngdorf SDA-2175

I guess I could also consider Peachtree's 220 power amp but I'm awfully nervous about going over the 200W mark. Am I being too paranoid?
I really like the TAD Hibachi monoblocks with my Triangle Titus XS speakers, especially at moderate to lower volumes. Cometes should be even better! These are 180 w/ch SS amps with a lot of tube amp characteristics in the design and sound. Can be found on occasion used for well under $1000. Only caveat is that the company is no longer around, so not sure about repairs if ever needed.
You need an amp with tone controls like the Cambridge or Marantz so you can add some bass when you turn it down. I don't think a more powerful amp is going to accomplish what you want, but I might be wrong. BTW, tone controls are making a comeback. The D'Agostino preamp has them, specifically for low-volume listening.
Tone controls? Radical!

A good idea actually. Issues with room acoustics are not ancient history, though tone controls on good audio gear often seems to be. I'd be willing to bet room acoustics are a significant factor in OPs case as described.

Its funny to me how FUD affected audiophiles often are, afraid of applying a simple solution that works and the rest of the world uses without a second thought.

Lots of good pre-amps, integrateds, receivers, and even some speakers out there with effective tone controls. Tone controls are the great "equalizer" among gear, no pun intended. :^) Try it, you might like it?
I'll be honest, when I heard "tone controls" I threw up in my mouth a little bit...LOL! Unfortunately, I'm satisfied using the Peachtree for its DAC functionality so most likely I'll be keeping it as a pre. I have my MacBook hooked into the USB so I may try playing around with equalizer settings on there.
Each of my OHM 5 speakers has 4 3 way 3 db level adjustments on board (+/- 3db or neutral) for 3^8 or 6561 different possible settings combined. It makes getting the speakers tuned into the room right much easier than otherwise. Couldn't live without them. Once I get the settings right, they tend to stay for along time.

I also have a smaller pair of similar speakers without the tone controls. Much harder to place optimally. Both tend to sound essentially the same when tuned in right.

No tone controls on my ARC pre-amp though. :-) I'd like to keep my audiophile club membership card, please.....
They were designed on tubes so why not go with what Triangle uses?
Nearly forgot...I had a Conrad Johnson MF2250. THAT was a great amp. Smoother than my Cary with more low end.

I like that tone controls idea, though...
With my Triangle Titus XS speakers that I've had for a good 15 years or so, which are smaller but similar to Cometes, were I to strt over again with them, I would look towards a tube amp. Lead contending tube amp vendors for me would be Jolida, Glow, Decware, and Rogue. If I could afford more, perhaps ARC or VAC or Atmasphere.

BTW the Triangle Titus speakers are one of the best sounding speakers I know of at low volumes with most any decent quality amp, even SS. They are the ones that convinced me that box speakers could replace my older Maggies, also low to moderate volume sound champs when set up well, years ago for low to moderate level listening.
I "had" a 15W CR Developments Kalypso integrated amp driving a pair of Energy C-3s and the sound was fantastic at low volumes ("had" because the amp is in serious need of repair - no sound and tubes arcing). Never felt the need to turn up the volume beyond the 9 o'clock mark and this is what I'm striving for with my current system.

If I ever get motivated to get this amp fixed, I'm sure it will be a perfect fit for the Cometes. Although, the room characteristics were very different with my previous system.
My 7.1 HT system is all Comet powered by a Pioneer Elite receiver. With the right program material and without the sub on the low frequency can be surprisingly strong.

Powered by the Carver VTA 180s and a slight toe in adjustment the Comets have a very different presentation. I'm guessing the Carvers are overkill and a modestly powered tube amplifier would drive them adequately.

I think Upscale Audio carries Triangle speakers. They would have a more realistic amplifier suggestion.
I know this is kind of off topic, but since we've been discussing the use of tone controls, does anyone have experience using room correction processing hardware?
Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this thread anymore, but I just recently bought a used Linn AV 5105 (100W into 8 ohm) for about $500. Injected some life into my system. Nice sounding amp, especially for the price!