Power Amp suggestion

Would love to hear recommendations on replacing the power amps in my system. Current system is Roon Nucleus+ Server, Chord DAVE DAC, Audio Research Ref 6SE, Bryston 28 SST2 monoblocks, B&W 802 D3. Cables are all Synergistic Research Galileo/Atmosphere . Have not heard the Swiss uber expensive equipment but would Soulution or CH Precision make any sense?
More detail, faster would be nice.
I wouldn’t be looking at changing amps if that’s what you’re looking for.  If you really need a change I’d focus on speakers as you’ll get the biggest change, and IMHO speakers from Joseph Audio, Vandersteen, ProAc, Usher, Nola, Magico, YG, Wilson, Avalon, Audio Physic, Boenicke, Vimberg would all give you more significant improvements than swapping amps.  IME B&Ws are detailed but clinical sounding and not nearly as musically involving as any of those listed above.  I respect B&W speakers but can’t love them, but that’s me and clearly many others would disagree.  Anyway, best of luck in finding whatever it is you’re looking for. 
It's in the best interest of your local dealers that you update your amps but not necessarily in yours.
Bryston is one of the only manufacturers known specifically for designing for minimum 20 year life span. I'd ask them if at some point cap replacement would be a good idea. But I'd bet that you wouldn't need to do it for a long time. 
Unless you got the chance to try one of the contenders in your rig and heard a big improvement, I'd suggest hanging tight. If you weren't thrilled with the sound, that's another story. Cheers,
CH/SOLUTION good but way over priced look at something like PASS made in USA.
Looking over your list, all nice quality built stuff. Guessing it seems more like an itch to change than your Bryston amps wearing out, eh?.   If it's all truly "less than 5yrs old", gotta quick question for ya.  How long do you leave it all powered on for...days, weeks, never turn it off? Noticing your Ref 6SE line state preamp has a number of tubes in it, right? If you have not checked this already, can you pull all the tubes and go have them tested somewhere locally. Make sure they are okay first, or replace as needed. If tubes check out okay, maybe find local tech to go in and check all specs, caps, in your amps next, after. Ref below: 

Tip from a recent article, quote:
"To get the most from the REF 6 tube complement, one menu option allows the user to see the number of hours on the current tubes. According to AR, new 6550WE tubes should serve their owner for about 2,000 hours, and the 6H30 tubes offer roughly twice that life span. When the tubes eventually wear out, ARC offers carefully matched replacement tubes. As there are not a lot of variations on the 6H30 tube, just giving the factory a call is the easiest way to roll.", unquote.